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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & the Market

Update (4/22): Get up to date on the new CARES act, along with the 2019 SECURE act and the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Tax Update podcast

Update (4/6): Check out our latest blog: 4 Things To Do When the Market Drops.

Update (3/26): Listen to our special COVID-19 client message here.

Our Response to Coronavirus (3/12):
Headlines about the Coronavirus Pandemic and the stock market drop can certainly get your heart racing and create all kinds of questions.

Should I change my investments? Should I retire later? Should I go on my spring break trip or cancel my summer vacation?

Two of our core beliefs are: "Control what you can control, protect what you can't" and "plan for success, prepare for failure."

You can't predict a 'black swan' like coronavirus or prevent the stock market from dropping, but you can take steps ahead of time, and in these moments to take control where you can.

We believe strongly in having a process that focuses on areas you can control like how much you spend, when you retire, how you take your social security and pension, and managing your tax situation.

When it comes to the stock market, you can't control the ups and downs, but you can control how well you diversify ahead of time, how much money you take out of the stock market and how you diversify your risk in the stock market.

When it comes to coronavirus, or anything that's like the flu & influenza please focus on things you can control like your nutrition, handwashing and staying away from people when you're sick.

It's also important to go to reputable resources. Here's a few places we trust:
Cleveland Clinic: 3 vitamins that boost your immune system
Waukesha County Public Health Department
CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) page

Stay safe, eat your fruits & veggies, take a walk outside on a sunny day and make sure to put a plan in place for your retirement, taxes and investments before you make any changes.

You get one shot at retirement. Make it a great one!

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