May – October 2022 I Bond Rate is 9.62%!

When you buy a US Series I Savings Bond (I Bond) during May through October 2022 your initial 6-month rate will be 9.62%

Check out our resources below for more in-depth articles and research, but here’s what that 9.62% really means.

  • You have to hold the bond for at least 12 months
  • You’ll get 9.62% annualized, but only for 6 months
    • Your $100 I bond purchase would turn into $104.81 6 months later
  • You will not know your 6-month renewal rate until November 2022
    • Although keep coming back to our website, we’ll be tracking it every month and expect to get the inflation numbers from the US Government on October 13th
    • We know the formula and will publish our prediction for the November I bond inflation on October 13th
  • All you know when you buy the I Bond is you’ll get 4.81% over the 12-months that you have to hold it.
    • Although you’ll probably get more, only 2 times out of 49 has the rate been 0.0%
  • If you cash out the I bond within the first 5 years you will forfeit the prior 3 months of interest as a penalty.

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