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Jeremy Keil and guest David Lau discuss the latest trends in annuities, how to identify a poorly structured annuity, and how they fit into a retirement plan in this episode of the “Retirement Revealed” podcast.

How do Annuities Work? With David Lau

David Lau of DPL Financial Partners discusses the in’s and out’s of annuities, what to look for in a good…
Social Security COLA

2025 Social Security COLA Projected at 3.4%

2025 Social Security COLA is projected to be 3.4%, based on the latest CPI-W projections (June 12, 2024). Watch this…
Jeremy Keil examines the latest retirement survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and provides his key takeaways in the latest episode of the “Retirement Revealed” podcast.

Key Findings from 2024 Retirement Survey You Can’t Miss

Identifying retirement sentiment from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) retirement confidence survey and examining the strategies you can use to avoid unnecessary financial strain in retirement.
Jeremy Keil shares top strategies to utilize your health savings account and take advantage of its unique tax benefits while avoiding common HSA mistakes.

HSA Health Savings Accounts Strategies for 2024

Identifying the common health savings account mistakes, identifying key strategies to maximize your HSA and exploring some of the practical…
HSA Health Savings Accounts Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Learn how to get the most from your HSA and avoid common HSA mistakes. 2024 HSA Limits are $4150 self-only and $8300 family coverage. 2025 HSA Limits are $4300 self-only and $8550 family coverage.
Best HSA provider

The Best HSA (Health Savings Accounts) Provider in 2024

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are powerful tools for anyone, especially those nearing or in retirement. They offer the best tax…

When Should I Cash Out My I Bonds?

With I Bond interest rates lower should you cash out I Bonds? Read on to see when you should cash out your I Bonds and where to get the most interest on your short-term money.

Get More Interest From Buying Treasury Bills (T-Bills) Through Treasury Direct

Learn how to get more interest from Treasury Bills than on your bank accounts. Also, a step-by-step guide for buying Treasury Bills through
I Bond Purchase Rate 4.28% May '23 - October '24

How To Buy I Bonds in June 2024

Learn about buying Series I savings bonds and the latest news for current and projected rates.

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