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The Top 3 Ways To Lower Your Tax Bill

The Top 3 Ways To Lower Your Tax Bill

Who doesn’t want to lower their taxes? Tune in to learn about 3 ways everyone can cut down on their taxes.
How To Fix America: Our Tax System

How To Fix America: Our Tax System

It’s safe to say everyone thinks America’s tax system needs some adjusting, but where should we begin? Tune in to learn about how inflation causes Americans to pay more in taxes, why taxing consumption instead of income could be the solution, and the debate about how much tax is too much tax.
Episode 96 - 7 questions

7 Questions That Could Make Or Break Your Retirement

It’s never too early to plan for your retirement. But where do you start? Knowing where to start can be difficult, and even those who have a headstart in the process might have missed some of the necessary questions to help accurately plan for their retirement. Tune in to learn about seven questions that could make or break your retirement, and how to find the answers to those questions.
Episode 88

3 Ways to Lower Your Taxes on Required Minimum Distributions

After you reach a certain age, you’ll be subject to required minimum distributions (RMDs). This refers to a minimum amount that you must withdraw every year from your retirement accounts. Why should this concern you? Because RMDs significantly affect your lifetime taxes! Tune in to discover 3 ways to lower your taxes on required minimum distributions and optimize your overall tax picture in retirement.
Withdrawl Plan

3 Reasons to Have a Withdrawal Plan in Retirement

Your withdrawal plan can have a huge impact on your lifetime taxes — potentially even hundreds of thousands of dollars! Tune in to learn about tax-efficient withdrawal strategies to generate retirement income, and gain insights into advanced softwares for making research-based decisions.
Tax Filing

5 Things to Know Before Filing Your 2021 Taxes

The deadline for filing your 2021 taxes is approaching. Do you have your taxes figured out? When we say “having your taxes figured out,” we don’t mean just for the past year. If you want to optimize your overall tax picture, you need to look at your total lifetime taxes. Tune in now to discover key things to keep in mind while filing your 2021 taxes and ways to minimize your total taxes in retirement.

7 Ways To Lower Your Tax Bill (2021 Year-end Edition)

Use these year-end strategies to help your tax bill in 2021 and beyond! Drawing inspiration from an article by Kiplinger, Jeremy Keil highlights 7 year-end moves to help you lower your taxes during retirement.
Charitable Giving

5 Reasons To Set Up a Donor-Advised Fund Today

Is charitable giving one of your goals during retirement? Today, we’ll help you make your charitable contributions more tax-efficient using donor-advised funds. We believe that the more money you save in taxes, the more money you can donate to your favorite charities!

4 Ways the Rich Minimize Their Taxes

There are various articles on the internet claiming that the rich are “dodging” or “avoiding” taxes. But are they? Believe it or not, but a lot of tax saving strategies used by them are completely legal. They just know how to leverage the different tax codes to their advantage. Discover how you can do it too!

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7 Questions That Could Make or Break Your Retirement