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The Questions You Need To Ask To Invest Successfully With David Stein

The Questions You Need To Ask To Invest Successfully With David Stein

Are you new to investing? Tune in to learn the questions you need to ask to invest successfully.
Let’s Talk Money ! With Joseph Hogue

Let’s Talk Money! With Joseph Hogue

When the stock market crashes, we need to stay sane and invest with a strategy, but it’s easier said than done. Tune in to learn about why it’s important to keep your cool when the stock market dips, and some investment strategies to help you do so.

Is it better to get the lump sum or annuity for lottery winnings?

Learn more about the choice between your lump sum cash payment or annuity from the lottery. Check out these resources…
Take These 5 Steps to Create a Consistent Retirement Income

Take These 5 Steps to Create a Consistent Retirement Income

If you don’t know where to begin your retirement planning, you’re not alone. That’s why we have created a simple process to help you achieve your ideal retirement. Tune in to learn about our 5-step retirement income plan, where each step is designed to help you solve a crucial piece of your retirement puzzle.
Intro to I Bonds Oct 2022

Intro to I Bonds October 2022 Edition

As interest rates continue to be low, it can be difficult to cope with inflation. This can lead to a negative real return net of inflation, with your money losing value every day! Don’t worry. Your search for greater interest rates ends here. Today, we’ll introduce you to a less-known government security that can help you cope with inflation with minimal risk: the U.S. Series I Savings Bond (I Bond).
October 2022 I bond rate is 9 percent

October 2022 is the last month for 9.62% I Bonds

The interest rate for US series I savings Bonds will reset soon. Tune in to learn about when the current interest rate will reset, when it will be too late to buy I Bonds, and when we can project the interest rate for November 2022.
Longevity Risk

The Biggest Risks To Your Retirement (Part 1): Longevity

Estimating how long you and your partner will live in retirement is crucial to planning your retirement, but many people don’t know how to estimate their longevity accurately. Tune in to learn about the most common mistakes when planning for longevity, and a resource and 3-step action plan for how to plan more accurately.

3 Strategies To Prepare for a Major Stock Market Drop

What would you do if the market dropped by 50% tomorrow? Just the thought of your investments getting reduced by half might sound scary. What’s even scarier? The history of stock markets tells us this scenario is very much possible. Tune in to discover 3 strategies to be better prepared for a major stock market downturn and minimize its impact on your retirement.

May – October 2022 I Bond Rate is 9.62%!

When you buy a US Series I Savings Bond (I Bond) during May through October 2022 your initial 6-month rate will be 9.62%

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