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Social Security COLA

2025 Social Security COLA Projected at 3.0%

2025 Social Security COLA is projected to be 3.0%, based on the latest CPI-W projections (July 11, 2024). Watch this…
Jeremy Keil examines the Social Security spousal and survivor benefit and explains the options available to couples, including the consequences of changing your Social Security start dates.

Maximizing Your Spousal and Survivor Social Security Benefits

Discovering the link between Social Security benefits within a couple and breaking down the consequences of deciding when each person starts taking it.
Jeremy Keil examines the latest retirement survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and provides his key takeaways in the latest episode of the “Retirement Revealed” podcast.

Key Findings from 2024 Retirement Survey You Can’t Miss

Identifying retirement sentiment from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) retirement confidence survey and examining the strategies you can use to avoid unnecessary financial strain in retirement.
Breaking down the major retirement risks and evaluating the different strategies you can take to mitigate them and create a secure retirement.

How to Avoid Major Risks and Build a Secure Retirement

Breaking down the major retirement risks and evaluating the different strategies you can take to mitigate them and create a secure retirement.

2024 Social Security Trustees Report

The Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds project the Social Security Trust Fund will run out of…
April Q&A "Retirement Revealed" Podcast Episode

How Medicare Relates to Social Security

Identifying the right start dates for Social Security depending on your unique situation, when your Social Security benefit will send…
Retirement Revealed Episode 184: How to know when to start Social Security

When is the Right Time to File for Social Security?

There’s the typical timing to file for Social Security and the optimal way. Are they the same thing? In this episode of “Retirement Revealed,” Jeremy dives into a 3 step process to evaluate the best time to start taking Social Security and how to gather more accurate information to make informed retirement decisions.
Retirement Planning for Women, with Marcia Mantell

Retirement Planning for Women

Marcia Mantell, author of books on retirement & Social Security planning for women, joins Jeremy Keil to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that await many women in retirement.
Preparing for retirement by paying attention to often overlooked aspects of retirement to make the most out of your investment | Keil Financial Partners

3 Simple Steps to Get Ready for Retirement

Examining 3 simple but powerful steps to help you prepare for retirement, exploring your options on important aspects of retirement people often skip and creating realistic projections for your retirement spending.

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