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Managing Bonds With Gabe Diederich

Managing Bonds With Gabe Diederich

Even though we’ve seen a huge amount of volatility in the prices of bonds, they can still be a consistent source of income. Tune in to learn about bonds, their benefits compared to stocks, and the different types of bonds to look forward to in 2023.

Is it better to get the lump sum or annuity for lottery winnings?

Learn more about the choice between your lump sum cash payment or annuity from the lottery. Check out these resources…
The Biggest Risk To Your Retirement (Part 3) is You! With Dr. Daniel Crosby

The Biggest Risk To Your Retirement (Part 3) is You! With Dr. Daniel Crosby

One of the biggest risks to your retirement is YOU. When you let emotions get the better of you and make irrational financial decisions, you can easily derail your own retirement plan. Tune in to learn about the importance of behavioral finance and how to make rational money decisions.

An Economist’s Secrets to More Money, Less Risk, and a Better Life

For centuries, economists have worked toward solving personal financial problems of households. But how exactly can the concepts of economics be applied to financial planning? Find out in this episode as Jeremy Keil speaks with Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, professor of economics at Boston University, about the benefits of economic-based financial planning.

Leverage Your Strengths and Passions to Achieve Massive Growth

Growth is a continuous process in life. Even as you approach retirement, you can continue to grow by building greater connections, advancing your career, and striving for financial resilience. Tune in to hear Lisa L. Baker, a personal and executive coach, share her proprietary G.R.O.W. process and tips to excel in three critical areas of your life.
Home Insurance

5 Things To Know Before Buying Home or Auto Insurance

Sometimes, unexpected liabilities can completely derail your finances. If, God forbid, you get in a car accident or your neighbors suffer an injury on your property, you can incur a liability of hundreds of thousands of dollars! That’s why home and auto insurance is worth looking into. Tune in to learn about various nuances of getting home/auto insurance, and key things you need to keep in mind before purchasing a policy.

6 Simple Tips to Save Money and Pay Down Debt

Financial debt is something that can hold back people of all ages — from 20-year-old college students to 70-year-old retirees. Tune in to discover simple tips to manage your debts before they snowball into tremendous financial distress, and worse, delay your dream retirement.
Money Manager

4 Signs You Need a Daily Money Manager

Sometimes, you reach a point in life when you can no longer oversee your personal finances. Regular bill payments, updating check books, monitoring different accounts, or looking out for fraudulent activities — it can be a little too much to handle on your own! Tune in to learn how you can keep the personal finances in order for yourself or a loved one with the help of Daily Money Managers.
Personal Finance

Personal Finance in a Public World

Have you ever been tempted to buy something online that you didn’t really need, just because of an ad? A few impulse purchases is all it takes to put a dent in your budget! Tune in now to learn how you can keep your personal finances on track in a world where money decisions can be easily influenced by technology, social media, and online ads.

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