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Jeremy Keil examines the latest retirement survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and provides his key takeaways in the latest episode of the “Retirement Revealed” podcast.

Key Findings from 2024 Retirement Survey You Can’t Miss

Identifying retirement sentiment from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) retirement confidence survey and examining the strategies you can use to avoid unnecessary financial strain in retirement.
Jeremy Keil explores the risks to retirement that cause people to underspend in this episode of the “Retirement Revealed” podcast while examining retirement spending data and exploring strategies to reduce retirement risks.

Are You Spending Too Little in Retirement?

A deeper look at the risks that prevent people from spending in retirement through the analysis of retirement spending data and evaluating strategies to mitigate those risks and lower the stress and anxiety of retirement financial planning.
Preparing for retirement by paying attention to often overlooked aspects of retirement to make the most out of your investment | Keil Financial Partners

3 Simple Steps to Get Ready for Retirement

Examining 3 simple but powerful steps to help you prepare for retirement, exploring your options on important aspects of retirement people often skip and creating realistic projections for your retirement spending.

Listener Q&A: Lifetime Tax Savings, Social Security Scenarios, Retirement Spending

Diving into listener questions about Social Security scenarios, lifetime tax savings predictions, short term money budgeting factors and more. Develop a more informed retirement plan by listening to this episode.
Personal Finance

Personal Finance in a Public World with Bob DePasquale

Have you ever been tempted to buy something online that you didn’t really need, just because of an ad? A few impulse purchases is all it takes to put a dent in your budget! Tune in now to learn how you can keep your personal finances on track in a world where money decisions can be easily influenced by technology, social media, and online ads.

Never Run Out of Money in Retirement

It’s good to have a consistent income source during retirement that you can rely upon, no matter how the economy is performing. Discover how you can cope with the uncertainties brought by today’s complex retirement planning landscape and create a consistent income for life.

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