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Jeremy Keil evaluates the factors involved in taking your pension in order to maximize your income in retirement in this episode of the “Retirement Revealed” podcast.

How to Decide the Right Time to Take Your Pension

Learn how to calculate the impact on your pension from changing your start date and evaluate the value of your pension based on your financial situation.
Preparing for retirement by paying attention to often overlooked aspects of retirement to make the most out of your investment | Keil Financial Partners

3 Simple Steps to Get Ready for Retirement

Examining 3 simple but powerful steps to help you prepare for retirement, exploring your options on important aspects of retirement people often skip and creating realistic projections for your retirement spending.
Longevity Risk

The Biggest Risks To Your Retirement (Part 1): Longevity

Estimating how long you and your partner will live in retirement is crucial to planning your retirement, but many people don’t know how to estimate their longevity accurately. Tune in to learn about the most common mistakes when planning for longevity, and a resource and 3-step action plan for how to plan more accurately.
4 Ways to Maximize Your Pension in the Wisconsin Retirement System

4 Ways to Maximize Your Pension in the Wisconsin Retirement System with Dennis Eisenberg

Pension plans often contribute heavily to your retirement income. If you’re living in Wisconsin, you might have heard of The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), the 9th largest public pension fund in the U.S. Tune in to learn what the WRS is all about and the different benefits it offers to retirees! (Note: The strategies discussed are relevant even if you’re living outside of Wisconsin.)

Should I take a lump sum payout or monthly annuity from my pension plan?

Deciding between your between taking a Lump Sum Payout or Monthly Annuity Pension? Learn the math and the process to make the best decision for you. Also, learn why 2022 is a unique situation that has made lump sum payouts a better deal than in the past 20 years!

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