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Get More Interest From Buying Treasury Bills (T-Bills) Through Treasury Direct

Learn how to get more interest from Treasury Bills than on your bank accounts. Also, a step-by-step guide for buying Treasury Bills through
I Bond Purchase Rate 4.28% May '23 - October '24

How To Buy I Bonds in July 2024

Learn about buying Series I savings bonds and the latest news for current and projected rates.

When Should I Cash Out My I Bonds?

With I Bond interest rates lower should you cash out I Bonds? Read on to see when you should cash out your I Bonds and where to get the most interest on your short-term money.

Buy more than $10,000 in Series I Savings Bonds Through Gifting with Your Spouse

Many people have looked at the $10,000 annual limit for savings bonds and have not bought any I bonds because…

How to Sell Your I Bonds

If you’ve been thinking of selling your I Bonds then you need straightforward guide to help you sell your I…
Urgent I Bonds Update: If You Want I Bonds at 6.89% You Need To Buy On April 27th or Earlier

Urgent I Bonds Update: If You Want I Bonds at 6.89% You Need To Buy On April 27th or Earlier

I Bonds are a popular choice for those looking to hedge against inflation. Tune in to learn about how you can take advantage of the 6.89% inflation rate on I Bonds by purchasing them before April 27th.

5 Ways To Earn More Interest on Your Bank Money

How many people are looking to get more interest on their bank money? Most likely everyone.  Now that Silicon Valley…
Intro to I Bonds Oct 2022

Intro to I Bonds October 2022 Edition

As interest rates continue to be low, it can be difficult to cope with inflation. This can lead to a negative real return net of inflation, with your money losing value every day! Don’t worry. Your search for greater interest rates ends here. Today, we’ll introduce you to a less-known government security that can help you cope with inflation with minimal risk: the U.S. Series I Savings Bond (I Bond).
October 2022 I bond rate is 9 percent

October 2022 is the last month for 9.62% I Bonds

The interest rate for US series I savings Bonds will reset soon. Tune in to learn about when the current interest rate will reset, when it will be too late to buy I Bonds, and when we can project the interest rate for November 2022.

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