Urgent I Bonds Update: If You Want I Bonds at 6.89% You Need To Buy On April 27th or Earlier

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Urgent I Bonds Update: If you want I Bonds at 6.89% you need to buy on April 27th or earlier.

If you’re someone that has been buying I Bonds then you’ll be interested to see that the May inflation rate is dropping in half to 3.38% from the current 6.48% inflation rate. If you want to get more I Bonds at the 6.89% interest rate listen in as Jeremy Keil explains with Thursday April 27th is the last day for you to do that.

Jeremy discusses:

  • How to get a 6.89% composite rate on I Bonds by purchasing them by Thursday, April 27th
  • The current I Bonds 0.4% fixed rate for the life of the bond
  • The variable inflation rate is currently at 6.48% for the next six months and will renew at 3.38%.
  • If you buy I Bonds on or before April 27th, you’ll get a total of 5.41% over the next 12 months
  • And more

Urgent I Bonds Update

I Bonds are a unique investment option that provide a variable rate of return tied to inflation, making them an attractive choice for investors looking to hedge against inflation. In order to capture the current 6.89% inflation rate on I Bonds, they must be purchased before April 27th through treasurydirect.gov.

Right now, I Bonds offer a fixed rate of 0.4% for the life of the bond, combined with a variable inflation rate that renews every six months.

The renewal rate for inflation is currently 3.38%. By purchasing I Bonds before the April 27th deadline, investors can earn a total of 5.41% over the next 12 months. However, it’s important to note that cashing out within the first five years of ownership will result in missing out on the last three months of interest.

Overall, I Bonds can provide a solid investment opportunity for those looking to protect against inflation.


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