October 2022 is the last month for 9.62% I Bonds

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The interest rate for US Series I Savings Bonds will reset in November 2022

According to Treasury guidance October 28 is the last day to ensure you get the 9.62% rate for October.

In this episode, Jeremy Keil talks about I Bonds. He discusses when the current interest rate will reset, when it will be too late to buy I Bonds at 9.62%, and when we can project the inflation interest rate for November 2022. Jeremy also shares a few resources for everything you need to know about I bonds before their interest rate resets.

Jeremy discusses:

  • When 2022’s I Savings Bonds interest rate resets in November
  • Why October 31, 2022, is too late to get the current interest rate
  • Some resources to help you know everything you need to about I Bonds before the rate resets
  • When we can project what November’s interest rate will be
  • And more

October 2022 is the last month for 9.62% I bonds

How to Lock In The Current Interest Rate

October 2022 is the last month that you can buy I Bonds at the current 9.62% interest rate. 

Come November, the interest will have a new rate.

If you’re going to purchase US Series I Savings Bonds, you most likely want to buy them in October to lock in the current interest rate.

But read below because October 31 is too late!

Interest Rate Reset

The interest rate for I bonds will reset in November. This means buying I Bonds on or after October 31st, 2022 will result in losing the opportunity to earn interest at 9.62% for the first 6 months.

We will be able to project what the November interest rate will be, come the next CPI inflation reading on October 13th. For that update, come back to Retirement Revealed on or after October 13th.

Learning About I Bonds

If you’re interested in I Bonds, we have an article called Buying I Bonds that goes through all the different things you need to know about I Bonds.

You can also check out episode #55 – U.S. Series I Savings Bonds Simplified featuring David Enna, where we explain the basics of I Bonds and why now is a great time to buy them.


To learn more about US Series I Savings Bonds, check out the resources below!

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