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Longevity Risk

The Biggest Risks To Your Retirement (Part 1): Longevity

Estimating how long you and your partner will live in retirement is crucial to planning your retirement, but many people don’t know how to estimate their longevity accurately. Tune in to learn about the most common mistakes when planning for longevity, and a resource and 3-step action plan for how to plan more accurately.

Get The Most From Your Pension Lump Sum or Monthly Annuity

Do you plan to claim your pension soon? Make sure you consider all your available options before making the irrevocable decision. Tune in to learn about a one lump sum payment vs a monthly annuity pension plan and how you can calculate which one makes more sense for you financially.

An Economist’s Secrets to More Money, Less Risk, and a Better Life

For centuries, economists have worked toward solving personal financial problems of households. But how exactly can the concepts of economics be applied to financial planning? Find out in this episode as Jeremy Keil speaks with Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, professor of economics at Boston University, about the benefits of economic-based financial planning.

Taking Control Of Your Retirement With Roger Whitney

Retirement planning can be stressful. From bloated retirement plans to focussing on retirement from a crisis standpoint, it can be difficult to actually enjoy your retirement. Tune in to learn about the importance of an agile retirement plan approach and accepting uncertainty as a healthy part of retirement to reduce retirement planning stress and encourage your ability to enjoy your retirement.

Leverage Your Strengths and Passions to Achieve Massive Growth

Growth is a continuous process in life. Even as you approach retirement, you can continue to grow by building greater connections, advancing your career, and striving for financial resilience. Tune in to hear Lisa L. Baker, a personal and executive coach, share her proprietary G.R.O.W. process and tips to excel in three critical areas of your life.

4 Ways to Maximize Your Pension in the Wisconsin Retirement System

Pension plans often contribute heavily to your retirement income. If you’re living in Wisconsin, you might have heard of The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), the 9th largest public pension fund in the U.S. Tune in to learn what the WRS is all about and the different benefits it offers to retirees! (Note: The strategies discussed are relevant even if you’re living outside of Wisconsin.)
Steve Medland

7 Principles of Financial Serenity With Steve Medland

When you search for the best retirement advice, it’s the same response over and over: save your money. Go figure. But in Steve Medland’s new book, Spiraling Up, you get guidance on what to do once the money is saved based on the 7 principles of financial serenity.

Should I take a lump sum payout or monthly annuity from my pension plan?

Deciding between your between taking a Lump Sum Payout or Monthly Annuity Pension? Learn the math and the process to make the best decision for you. Also, learn why 2022 is a unique situation that has made lump sum payouts a better deal than in the past 20 years!
Life Settlements 97

Everything You Need To Know About Life Settlements

Stocks, bonds, real estate, cars, jewels, or any other asset — if you don’t need it anymore, you might sell it. Life insurance policies are no different! You can get your policy appraised, find the maximum value you can get for it, and sell it through a life settlement. Tune in to learn about the process of life settlements and the different situations when selling your life insurance policy can be beneficial.

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