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Tax Filing

5 Things to Know Before Filing Your 2021 Taxes

The deadline for filing your 2021 taxes is approaching. Do you have your taxes figured out? When we say “having your taxes figured out,” we don’t mean just for the past year. If you want to optimize your overall tax picture, you need to look at your total lifetime taxes. Tune in now to discover key things to keep in mind while filing your 2021 taxes and ways to minimize your total taxes in retirement.

The Biggest Retirement Costs, Shocks, and Risks

Retirement today is very different from what the previous generations experienced. Lower interest rates, fewer employer pensions, new financial products… a lot of variables have changed over the years. Tune in now to discover the biggest retirement costs, shocks, and risks, and learn how you can navigate through the increasingly complex retirement landscape.
Personal Finance

Personal Finance in a Public World

Have you ever been tempted to buy something online that you didn’t really need, just because of an ad? A few impulse purchases is all it takes to put a dent in your budget! Tune in now to learn how you can keep your personal finances on track in a world where money decisions can be easily influenced by technology, social media, and online ads.
9 Signs You are Not Ready to Retire Financially

9 Signs You Aren’t Ready to Retire Financially

After you retire, are you confident you have a plan for a good financial future? Here are 9 signs you aren’t ready to retire financially. Learn more and start your retirement journey today.
5 Best Financial Advisors in Milwaukee (2022)

5 Best Financial Advisors in Milwaukee (2022)

If you’re looking for a financial advisor in the Milwaukee area you’ve come to the right place! Now you’ll see…
Medicare Medigap

Medicare Advantage or Medigap? Here Are 6 Tips To Help You Decide

It’s important to choose your Medicare plan wisely, as it can affect your healthcare costs for the rest of your life! Tune in to discover the pros and cons of different Medicare plans, along with 6 tips to help you choose between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement (aka Medigap).

5 Lessons From a New Medicare Enrollee

As you celebrate the start of Medicare at 65, there are some key insurance-related decisions you’ll need to make. One mistake, and you might end up paying hundreds of dollars extra per month! Learn 5 Medicare lessons from a new Medicare enrollee, Nancy Towle, who has also been a Medicare insurance specialist for 8 years.

Understanding Medicare and You 2022 (The Official U.S. Government Handbook)

If you’re about to enroll in Medicare, are already a plan participant, or wish to help someone else (like your parents), you should check out “Medicare and You 2022,” a 128-page handbook on Medicare insurance by the U.S. government. Tune in to learn the key takeaways from the handbook.

5 Things To Know Before Enrolling for Medicare

When you turn 65, you get one of the best birthday gifts of your life — Medicare! But does it cover everything? What are the different types of insurance plans out there? What are the different enrollment dates? Tune in to find the answers to these questions and learn how to find your ideal Medicare plan.

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