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Should I take a lump sum payout or monthly annuity from my pension plan?

Deciding between your between taking a Lump Sum Payout or Monthly Annuity Pension? Learn the math and the process to make the best decision for you. Also, learn why 2022 is a unique situation that has made lump sum payouts a better deal than in the past 20 years!
Life Settlements 97

Everything You Need To Know About Life Settlements

Stocks, bonds, real estate, cars, jewels, or any other asset — if you don’t need it anymore, you might sell it. Life insurance policies are no different! You can get your policy appraised, find the maximum value you can get for it, and sell it through a life settlement. Tune in to learn about the process of life settlements and the different situations when selling your life insurance policy can be beneficial.
Episode 96 - 7 questions

7 Questions That Could Make Or Break Your Retirement

It’s never too early to plan for your retirement. But where do you start? Knowing where to start can be difficult, and even those who have a headstart in the process might have missed some of the necessary questions to help accurately plan for their retirement. Tune in to learn about seven questions that could make or break your retirement, and how to find the answers to those questions.

3 Reasons to Consult a Retirement Coach

When it comes to your retirement wellness, there is much more to think about than just your finances. How to fill your time, stay mentally and physically active, build healthy relationships…the list goes on! The best person to help you with such non-financial aspects of retirement is a retirement coach. Tune in to learn about the benefits of hiring a retirement coach (and how to find one).

To Retire & Be Happy Focus on 3 Key Non-Financial Aspects Of Retirement | Blog

When you are planning to retire it’s easy to focus on just the money and the technical details, and yet…
Ep 94

How to Create a Christian Retirement Plan

Will you be happy when you retire? The answer lies in whether your plans to retire focus solely on managing your finances, or if they align with your values and beliefs. Tune in to learn about looking at retirement from a non-financial perspective with a set of Christian values.
Psychological Well-Being

3 Ways To Improve Your Psychological Well-Being in Retirement 

Retirement is not a destination. It’s a journey, where you transition into the next chapter of your life. In this chapter, a lot of the barriers you’ll encounter are psychological! Tune in to learn actionable steps to improve your psychological well-being in retirement.
Ep 92 Flourishing Retirement

How to Plan and Live a Flourishing Retirement

Retirement planning is not the same as it was for previous generations. If you want to plan and live a flourishing life in retirement, you might need to rethink some areas of your retirement plan! Tune in to learn about four key areas that today’s retirees need to rethink to enjoy their retirement to the fullest.
Home Insurance

5 Things To Know Before Buying Home or Auto Insurance

Sometimes, unexpected liabilities can completely derail your finances. If, God forbid, you get in a car accident or your neighbors suffer an injury on your property, you can incur a liability of hundreds of thousands of dollars! That’s why home and auto insurance is worth looking into. Tune in to learn about various nuances of getting home/auto insurance, and key things you need to keep in mind before purchasing a policy.

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7 Questions That Could Make or Break Your Retirement