Take These 5 Steps to Create a Consistent Retirement Income

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In this episode, Jeremy Keil walks you through our 5-step retirement income plan, where each step is designed to help you solve a crucial piece of your retirement puzzle. By focusing on these five steps, you’ll learn how to create a well-balanced retirement plan.

Jeremy discusses:

  • Why a process-driven approach makes retirement planning much easier
  • Key steps you must take before investing your money in the stock market
  • Tips to maximize your retirement income
  • The most often-overlooked area of retirement planning
  • And more

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Your 5-Step Plan for a Well-Balanced Retirement

1) Spend: how much do you need and when, in retirement?

2) Make: maximize your monthly lifetime income

3) Now: set aside short-term money to pay your bills

4) Later: determine your risk and diversify your long-term investments

5) Legacy: protect against your risks and provide for your family with insurance and estate planning


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