5 Effective Steps for a Smooth Career Transition with Alejandra Slatapolsky

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#66 – Retirement from your current job does not necessarily mean retiring off to a rocking chair on a porch or playing golf forever.

A lot of people continue to pursue their passion after retirement. In fact, it can be a good source of additional retirement income!

However, such a career transition can come with a lot of challenges if you’re not prepared for it.

In this episode, Jeremy Keil speaks with Alejandra Slatapolsky, strategic partner at Scalto. They discuss actionable steps to help you prepare for a career transition, especially if you decide to break away from the corporate world and work on your career.

Alejandra discusses:

  • The “drivers vs. drainers” exercise to help you determine your next career path
  • LinkedIn networking tips to help you accelerate your new career
  • How to demonstrate your core value proposition by sharing your thought leadership
  • Why sharing your “secret sauce” actually benefits your business
  • And more

5 Effective Steps for a Smooth Career Transition

1) Find What You Enjoy

It’s important that you enjoy your new career path.

Before your career transition, think of your current role and ask yourself: “What propelled me through that path?” Was it the drive to move up the ranks, or was it in pursuit of a particular passion?

There is also a simple exercise that Alejandra Slatapolsky shares on our Retirement Revealed podcast to help you identify your new career path.

Grab a sheet of paper and draw two columns:

a) Drivers: Includes activities that fill you up with energy throughout the day

b) Drainers: Includes activities that deplete your energy throughout the day. This could be an emotionally draining activity or simply one that you don’t like doing.

Based on these drivers and drainers, you can decide what career path might work best for you during retirement.

On a side note, the benefits of this exercise are not limited to retirees. People of all ages can use it to reflect on their ideal career!

2) Articulate Your Core Offering and Value Proposition

Before you speak with potential clients or fellow professionals, you need to be clear on your value proposition.

In simple words, it should answer the question: “What can you do for your audience?”

This involves a process (that you’ll take your clients through) and a result (a benefit you provide or a problem you can solve).

Once you know your core offering, it becomes much easier to have conversations with clients and create your digital content.

3) Network! Network! Network!

Never underestimate the person in front of you. You never know who that person knows or what they may become in the future!

Building a vast professional network is key to your success in your new career.

As networking is an ongoing activity that you’ll be doing throughout your career, it’s important to find a way to network that you enjoy.

For some people, it might be through networking parties. For others, it might be through golfing. You can even find opportunities to network one-on-one with people.

For example, Lunchclub is a great platform that connects people with similar interests.

Another popular way to network is through LinkedIn. Engage with other people’s content, comment on their posts, or even message them directly to discuss any opportunities to work together.

4) Thought Leadership: Show What You Know

On LinkedIn, if you have a history of sharing quality thought leadership consistently, it can attract more clients.

So, feel free to share your value proposition, what you can do for your audience, your insights on the overall industry, or even a research paper — in whatever capacity you can.

Even if it is only a few times per week, it can help you build new connections.

5) Don’t Be Afraid to Reveal Your “Secret Sauce”

Every chef has a secret sauce.

Similarly, every consultant/business owner might have their secret sauce, such as a unique process to help clients.

At Keil Financial Partners, we believe in openly sharing our 5-step Retirement Income Plan. We also share our retirement planning philosophies and strategies through our blogs and podcasts!

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, sharing your secret sauce can potentially benefit your business in the long run. It shows that you know how to take the complex and break it down in ways that can benefit your clients.

People are more likely to buy easy to understand solutions from smart people that know how to explain things well. Turn your secret sauce into a process, and share that process with the world!


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