How To Make an Impact by Helping those Experiencing Homelessness With Katlin Hahn

#47 – Chronic homelessness is a problem for a lot of people, no matter their age or gender.

But YOU can help them improve their life.

How? By implementing a few simple steps that will make a huge difference.

In this episode, Katlin Hahn, development manager at Hebron Housing Services, joins Jeremy Keil to discuss ways you can help eradicate homelessness in your community. Katlin shares 3 simple yet effective steps you can take starting today –– even if you don’t have a lot to give away.

Katlin discusses:

  • What chronic homelessness really means and ways to put an end to it
  • The importance of connecting with community partners to amplify your impact
  • Unique donation and volunteer opportunities at Hebron Housing Services
  • How small contributions can amount to a big impact in tackling homelessness
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

As the development manager at Hebron Housing Services, Katlin Hahn is responsible for bringing in new forms of funding, connecting with the community and volunteers, and everything in between. Prior to her current role, Katlin was managing one of the shelters of Hebron House, Jeremy House Safe Haven, which is a shelter specifically for people dealing with mental illness and chronic homelessness.


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