Outsource Your Interest Rate Management (Part 1) – with John Major | Podcast

#38 – If you have a huge amount of excess cash sitting in your bank account but don’t have enough time for interest rate planning – outsource it.

Otherwise, it’ll keep losing value due to inflation!

In part one of our two-part series on interest rates, Jeremy Keil talks with John Major, vice president of The American Deposit Management Company (ADM). John provides a helpful introduction to the world of deposit management and shares tips to help you boost your current interest rates without having to compromise liquidity.

You will learn:

  • Potential opportunities in our current interest rate environment 
  • The extent to which your bank money is protected under the FDIC insurance
  • How ADM leverages its massive network of banks to get the best interest rates
  • Negotiation strategies to help you receive better interest rates at any bank
  • And more!

Learn how to effectively manage your excess cash and maximize your interest rate returns by tuning in today!


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