How To Recreate Your Sense Of Purpose After A Major Life Change With Molly Bloom

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[128] – Retirement is undoubtedly one of the most significant life changes we’ll ever face – a transition that requires careful planning, introspection, and the willingness to adapt to new circumstances.

In this episode, Jeremy Keil speaks with Molly Bloom about her story of resilience, personal growth and agency. Molly offers a glimpse into her experience of rebuilding her life’s purpose after a significant life-altering event and shares invaluable advice on how to apply these lessons to navigate the changes retirement may bring. Tune in to discover how you too can embrace your agency and cultivate the mindset needed to overcome challenges and create a fulfilling retirement.

Molly discusses:

  • The transformative power of agency and how it can help us seize control of our lives
  • The importance of meditation in reclaiming our identity after major life changes 
  • How meditation can help you align your mind with your values
  • Why celebrities are just ordinary people
  • What the retirement bill about superannuation means and why she supports it
  • And more

How To Recreate Your Sense Of Purpose After A Major Life Change

Focus on Agency to Gain Control

Agency is the ability to make choices and decisions that can shape your life. It is related to the idea of control, which is the belief you can influence the outcome of events in your life. Together, agency and control are important to understand because they play a critical role in shaping our psychological and emotional well-being when going through a major life change, such as retirement.

When someone feels that they have agency and control over their life, they are more likely to feel confident, capable, and self-assured. This makes coping with stress, handling setbacks and pursuing goals more attainable. 

On the other hand, when someone feels that they lack agency and control, they are more likely to experience feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and anxiety. They may feel trapped by their circumstances and unable to create meaningful change in their lives. This can lead to feelings of depression, low self-esteem, and a sense of being overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life.

Understanding agency and control is therefore crucial for anyone seeking to recreate their sense of purpose.

Help Others To Be Seen, Heard and Remembered

In the book and movie, Molly’s Game, Molly Bloom discusses her experiences with celebrities and famous individuals. In these experiences, she used agency and control to align how she reacted to the big life changes she encountered with her values.

In doing so, she learned that we should reframe our thinking from “what can I get out of this” to “what can I give” instead.

By looking at what you can give and how you can become authentically incentivized by providing people with a great experience and helping them feel taken care of, you make them feel seen, heard and remembered. This leads to great connections and people who will genuinely want to help you when you need it instead of a connection where people feel like you are after what they have.

Reframing our mindset from what you can get to what you can give will shift your focus onto your core values and who you are as a person, making you strive to be your best self for others.

Regain The Identity You Choose

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us struggle with feeling disconnected from our true selves. We may find ourselves caught up in the demands of work, family, and other obligations, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from our identity or sense of who we are.

Molly Bloom says the first step to regaining your sense of identity, agency and control is through practicing meditation. She recommends the work of neuroscientist Sara Lazar, Ph.D. who has conducted extensive research on the effects of meditation on the brain. To hear Sara Lazar’s work, see her TEDx Cambridge 2011.

Meditation can be a powerful tool for regaining our sense of identity and reconnecting with our core values. Sara Lazar’s studies have shown that regular meditation practice can lead to changes in brain structure and function that are associated with improved attention, emotion regulation, and empathy. These changes can help us to become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, and to respond to them in ways that are consistent with our values and goals.

By learning to cultivate a more mindful, compassionate, and self-aware approach to life, we can regain our sense of identity and begin to live more fully and authentically.


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Molly Bloom is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker. She gained international notoriety in the world of high-stakes underground poker, running exclusive games for celebrities and business moguls. Her memoir, “Molly’s Game,” was adapted into a hit movie in 2017. Since then, Molly has become a sought-after speaker, sharing her story of resilience, personal growth, and agency with audiences around the world. She’s also a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness, encouraging others to prioritize self-care and mindfulness.



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