How to Unlock Your Ultimate Potential With Jerome Myers

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[170] – Have you unlocked your ultimate potential?

In this episode, Jeremy Keil speaks with Jerome Myers, America’s Leading Exit Authority and founder of Exodus, The Myers Development Group, and Dream Catchers, about how to unlock your ultimate potential. Jerome shares his journey from corporate America to real estate, building a multimillion-dollar portfolio, and his realization of the importance of making an impact and connection in finding his purpose. Jeremy and Jerome discuss the challenges of retirement that mirror those of lacking a sense of purpose, including feelings of unfulfillment and the importance of serving others. Their conversation also covers financial freedom, the relative value of money, and managing stress, emphasizing the importance of health, prosperity, and creating a legacy.

Jerome discusses:

  • Why you don’t need to earn more to be able to give more
  • The challenges faced in retirement and finding fulfillment
  • What the founder’s exit paradox is
  • Why it’s important to serve others and make a meaningful impact
  • How you can make a meaningful impact
  • Managing stress and prioritizing health, prosperity, and significance
  • Creating a legacy and making a positive impact in retirement
  • And more

How to Unlock Your Ultimate Potential

What challenges and questions about fulfillment, purpose, and the next steps in life arise when you retire?

Many people often grapple with a profound shift in their sense of fulfillment and purpose once they retire.

The transition from a bustling corporate environment, characterized by teamwork and measurable successes, to the prospect of retirement, raises essential questions. The realization that financial freedom alone can feel empty prompts introspection on the deeper meaning of life.

Many retirees find their social circles predominantly comprised of family and colleagues, and as they step away from the workforce, this support network diminishes, leaving a void. The pursuit of the American dream, often focused on financial goals, may lead to unfulfilling outcomes.

The crucial questions emerge: Is this really it? What was it all for? And what now?

Exploring these inquiries reveals a quest for impact and a desire to serve others, recognizing that true fulfillment lies in making a meaningful contribution beyond financial efficiency.

How can I give more without needing to earn more?

To give more without needing to earn more, we need to shift our mindset.

The traditional belief that increased income leads to greater generosity is challenged by the fact that giving is more connected to the feeling of having “enough” rather than a specific dollar amount.

The shift from an earner’s mentality to that of a resource allocator involves adopting a percentage-based approach to resource allocation. Whether it’s giving to charitable causes, endowing scholarships, or making other impactful investments, understanding the relative impact of a percentage of wealth rather than fixating on the absolute dollar figure allows for a more meaningful and sustainable approach to giving.

This perspective aligns with the broader theme of transitioning from financial freedom to a focus on impact and purpose in the post-retirement phase.

What is the founder’s exit paradox and how can you resolve it?

The founder’s exit paradox encapsulates the complex emotions that arise post-retirement or business sales, where despite achieving success, people may grapple with feelings of unease, doubt, or even guilt.

This paradox encompasses doubts in six areas: self-image, relationships, work, health, prosperity, and significance.

The health aspect involves managing stress and prioritizing well-being as someone transitions to a more abundant time.

Prosperity confronts the challenge of breaking free from the mindset of money hoarding, learning to enjoy accumulated wealth, and seeking professional advice for effective wealth management.

Significance delves into the question of legacy, prompting individuals to consider who would carry their casket and encouraging them to create a lasting impact that inspires reverence and honor.

Addressing these aspects involves a shift from focusing solely on financial freedom to embracing a purpose-driven life post-exit, emphasizing impact and legacy.

How do I use the wealth that I built to earn back the health that I lost?

To use the wealth that you built to earn back the health that you lost, it is necessary to debunk the belief that reaching a certain point makes it too late to address health issues.

According to a recent article, a study found that over 50 percent of individuals with type two diabetes, primarily caused by diet and exercise, managed to reverse the condition by adhering to a proper program.

The key lies in adopting a proactive approach, acknowledging that, with more time and resources post-retirement, prioritizing health becomes a primary responsibility.

Shifting our mindset to view health as the newfound “job” after retirement is essential, recognizing that good health is the foundation for enjoying the financial fruits of one’s labor.

By tackling health concerns early on and addressing the root causes, individuals can not only improve their well-being but also maximize the benefits of their accumulated wealth.

Am I the only one?

Many people who experience the founder’s exit paradox, experience feelings of undoing or detaching from the thing that they’ve done for so long. And in that, they start questioning: am I the only one?

In questioning their uniqueness and wondering if others share similar sentiments, there’s a tendency for people to suffer in silence due to fears of being perceived as ungrateful or failing to appreciate their life’s blessings.

Overcoming this challenge involves acknowledging that these feelings are normal and seeking appropriate coping mechanisms. It’s essential to recognize that the answer to “Am I the only one?” is likely a resounding no, encouraging individuals to share their struggles, avoid self-destructive patterns, and embark on a journey to discover their “what’s next” with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


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About Our Guest:

Jerome Myers is a developer of people and places. He is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group.

Through these entities, he gets to live out his childhood dreams of helping people manifest the things they imagine and create social proof that dreams should be real.

Since leaving corporate America after building a 20MM division at a Fortune 550 company, J has become one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the multifamily development space. His company, The Myers Development Group, built a multi-million-dollar portfolio following the principles of Myers Methods.

Unlike other coaching programs, we will go beyond strategy, assessments, and encouragement. Jerome pioneered Holistic Transformational Life Coaching more than 15 years ago. Up until about two years ago, it was only used with his closest friends and family. They repeatedly urged him to share his techniques with others and laid the foundation for introducing his methods to the world.



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