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The 7 Most Important Conversations for Your Retirement

The earlier you start having your retirement conversations, the better. Remember, these conversations should not be only geared toward your investments. It’s more about your retirement income. The short-term market fluctuations don’t matter as much in the long run. Tune in to learn about seven conversations that you should have with an advisor, your family, or yourself before you hit retirement (and on an ongoing basis).
Ep 82

6 Effective Ways To Cope With Widowhood with Paula Harris

Widowhood is a challenging time, full of grief and sorrow. If you are entering retirement as a couple, it is likely that one of you will face widowhood in the future. You might also have friends or family members going through it. Tune in to learn how you can help yourself or a loved one cope with widowhood, along with strategies to ease the financial and emotional burden that follows.

The New Map of Life: 5 Things You Should Do Differently

The average life expectancy is 30 years longer than it was a century ago. As a result, retirees now have more years to plan for. After all, an extra 30 years likely means that the end of your retirement will be a lot later than it used to be! Tune in to learn how to plan for retirement with this higher life expectancy in mind and spend your pre- and post-retirement days more efficiently and enjoyably.

The Biggest Retirement Costs, Shocks, and Risks

Retirement today is very different from what the previous generations experienced. Lower interest rates, fewer employer pensions, new financial products… a lot of variables have changed over the years. Tune in now to discover the biggest retirement costs, shocks, and risks, and learn how you can navigate through the increasingly complex retirement landscape.
Dynamic Retirement

7 Pro Tips for More Dynamic Retirement Planning with Justin Fitzpatrick

Your retirement plan is not a one-and-done solution. It is an ongoing process where you need to make key adjustments along the way. Tune in to learn how you can enhance your retirement picture through dynamic retirement planning and research-based financial decisions.

7 Ways To Lower Your Tax Bill (2021 Year-end Edition)

Use these year-end strategies to help your tax bill in 2021 and beyond! Drawing inspiration from an article by Kiplinger, Jeremy Keil highlights 7 year-end moves to help you lower your taxes during retirement.
Retirement Transition

3 Ways to Make the Retirement Transition Easier with Barbara O’Neill

Is transitioning to retirement as simple as flipping a switch? One day, you just stop working and enjoy the rest of your life, right? Well, not exactly… According to Barbara O'Neill, retirement is a combination of 35 different switches, each indicating a financial, social, or a lifestyle transition. Tune in as Dr. O’Neill discusses these transitions in more detail!

Retirement Planning for We Energies Employees: What’s new for 2021 & 2022?

As a financial services firm in the Milwaukee area, we’ve helped several WE Energies employees reach their ideal retirement. So, we are well-versed in the key retirement considerations they need to make, plus ways to avoid common pitfalls. Tune in for the complete breakdown of WE Energies’ 2021 Retired Employee Benefits Guide.
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5 Perks of Half-Retirement That Every Business Owner Craves with Jim Muehlhausen

A lot of business owners retire by selling off their business. What if we told you there’s a better way? A way to maintain your business income after retirement. A way that makes your retirement more meaningful. A way that lets you keep the business you’re so passionate about, while losing all of the stress of managing it! It’s called Half-Retirement. Jim Muehlhausen explains what it’s all about and how you can achieve it.

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