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Living in Retirement May Webinar Series

Complimentary Webinars (60 minutes)

Attend 1, 2 or all 3 at No Cost!

May 18 @ 11 AM: Secrets to a Happy Retirement
May 25 @ 11 AM: Uncovering Social Security Secrets
May 27 @ 11 AM: Surviving as an Alzheimer's Caregiver

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3 Secrets to a Happy Retirement

May 18 Webinar at 11am

Speaker: Susan Latremoille and Marianne Oehser


Susan Latremoille:

Susan spent over 35 years as a wealth advisor assisting clients to financially plan for their retirements. She saw a common thread among her clients. Having enough money to retire was only a piece of the retirement puzzle. It was the non-financial side that had the greatest impact on the predictability of a successful retirement.

Susan is a Partner in Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors, where she helps baby boomers “rewire not retire” and offers customized career solutions for those seeking a job transition. She does this through a power assessment tool which helps clients know themselves on a deeper level and create a more fulfilling transitional experience.

Marianne Oehser:

Marianne is a certified Retirement and Relationship Coach receiving her training and certifications from Relationship Coaching Institute and Retirement Options. She holds a Masters of Management from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management in Chicago.

Marianne has retired twice after spending over 40 years in the corporate world – she found traditional retirement unfulfilling and started Retire and Be Happy! She is a seasoned retirement and relationship expert committed to helping people create a happy, fulfilling “post-career” phase of their lives through her workshops, seminars, public speaking, and individual coaching. Marianne is a Partner in Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors.

May 18 Webinar at 11AM!



You'll learn:

- Methods to gain purpose and retain identity after transitioning out of your career

-Techniques to improve relationships with your partner

-Strategies to maintain and gain new social networks lost through work

-Tips on how to have more meaningful, fulfilling, and ultimately better retirements

Uncovering Social Security Secrets

May 25 Webinar at 11am
Speaker: Marcia Mantell

For nearly 30 years, Marcia Mantell has helped the country's foremost financial services firms and advisors increase their knowledge of complex retirement concepts and regulations. She has a remarkable ability to translate those concepts into everyday language that educates and motivates real people to take the right steps to achieve the retirement they desire.

As founder of Mantell Retirement Consulting, Inc. (est. 2005) she regularly partners with financial institutions in the U.S. and Canada to help support the customers they serve across the retirement spectrum—from a focus on saving, to the transition into retirement, and then, how to organize and manage income to last a lifetime.

Surviving as an Alzheimer's Caregiver

May 27 Webinar at 11am
Speaker: Marty Schreiber

Former Wisconsin Gov. Martin J. Schreiber is a nationally-recognized crusader for Alzheimer’s caregivers and persons with dementia. Reaching audiences around the country at live events and through various forms of media, Marty shares lessons from his decade-plus journey as a caregiver.

Since late 2016, Schreiber has crisscrossed Wisconsin and traveled to 18 other states to meet with fellow caregivers, often in areas underserved by counseling and other resources. With humor and compassion, he listens to their stories, and he touches their hearts.

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